Where we are now – March 21

The health threat around us has not changed. We are asked by those in authority to not gather together. Because of this recommendation, our worship will once again be hosted on-line. The format will be very similar to last week. You will find us on YouTube on the “Tulip Church of God” page. Please know that we understand this is not ideal and it is certainly not permanent. However, this will become our standard procedure until further notice.

In the meantime, be the church! Some people are lonely, some people are angry, some people are hungry, some people are searching; you can help. Make phone calls, check on neighbors, let someone know when you are making a grocery run to see if they need anything, give blood, support our local businesses. There are many things you can do while still maintaining the current recommended restrictions.

One of my favorite stories in the Bible centers around Jacob’s son Joseph. After he is beaten and sold by his brothers, after he is wrongfully thrown into prison, after he rises to the top of leadership in Egypt, he finally gets to confront his brothers. Instead of seeking revenge, he shows mercy. He speaks these amazing words that I have gone to over and over again, “What you intended for evil, God used for good.” You may see these times as difficult, inconvenient, maybe even evil – but God will use these difficult days for His glory if His people will allow the Holy Spirit to work through them.

Be the church!