Time sensitive opportunity!



We have an opportunity to step into the gap for students in our community. Our school system is returning to virtual learning for at least one week, starting next week. Virtual learning has found many parents using all of their leave in order to stay home with their children. Many are now taking unpaid leave for this purpose. Seeing this need, it has suggested that maybe churches or other organizations could provide a location and adult oversight for the students of these families. We certainly have the space, but do we have the volunteers?


We have 8 classroom spaces. We need to maintain a 6 foot space between students which means that each classroom space would be limited to 4 students + a tutor/adult. This gives us space for up to 32 students if we have 8 volunteers each day. This is where you come in.


We are looking for volunteers to help students with their work and on-line learning. Maybe you can volunteer one day, two days, or all week; maybe you can do only mornings or afternoons. Whatever you can do would be helpful. We will operate from 8 a.m. til 3 p.m. (so 7:30 -3:15 or so for volunteers.) We will give you a basic understanding of the Google tools needed even though many of the students know how to operate these tools already. All persons will be masked and lunch is provided by the school for the students. We are only trying to fill January 18-22.


How do you volunteer? Easy, send an email to tulipchurchofgod@gmail.com with the following information



Phone #:

Day(s)/Time(s) available:


Reply as well if you would be willing to help in the future but are simply not available for the dates being asked at this time. I know this is short notice but that is the nature of the way things are at the present time. Your quick response will help us determine how many students we can assist.


Thank you and God bless,