Covenant Commitment

God & His Church

Throughout the Old & New Testaments, there is a clearly defined community of God.  God creates a covenant relationship with His people.  This covenant was first established in the Old Testament with the people of Israel through Abraham.  In the New Testament, He establishes a new covenant with His people, the church, through Jesus Christ.  As members of God’s covenant family at Tulip Church of God, we commit ourselves to glorifying God by the mutual, active pursuit of Jesus Christ and obedience to the Holy Spirit.  In so doing, we will be a body that loves each other and our community.


We have been graciously invited into God’s redemptive purpose and mission in this world through the church.  In light of this reality, the opportunity to join a local body of believers is much more than a commitment to consistent attendance or active involvement.  It is a sacred call to join with the faith family of God to pursue God’s purpose and mission TOGETHER.


Commitments of a covenant member of Tulip Church of God: